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Description of clothes in Prayer

Description of clothes in Prayer

Description of Namaz clothing - The Muslim should pray wearing his best clothes. There is no problem in praying in a single long garment made of thick cloth, but the condition is to cover the satr by wearing a pajama. If the Muslim does not have any kind of clothes, he will pray only in pajama/pants or lungi. Two types of clothing are prohibited in prayer, 1/ Don't cover the body with clothes in such a way that it looks like something on both sides.

2/ Don’t hang a part of the sheet on the head or shoulder. Do not keep one part of the handkerchief on the head or shoulder and hang the other part.
Jews-Christians, worshipers of idols are forbidden to pray wearing cloths. In the same way, it is not permissible to pray wearing the clothes of the Shirks. However, it is permissible to pray wearing a cloth made by the polytheists which they have not worn and which has no impurity. There is no problem if you pray with talwar, varsha, muza and shoes etc. A woman can pray wearing her clothes and veil if they are thick cloths but if she wears lehanga or chadar with both clothes, If there is khimar it will be good for women. It is not permissible for free women to pray with only veil and two pattas. It is Makruh for women to pray without adornment. There should be a few rings in the ornaments. If there is no ornament, at least a bone or a garland will be worn so that the difference between her and the man is made. Similarly, women will not pray without henna.
The best place for sajdah is a holy clean ground, likewise there is no problem in prostrating on grass and other plants. It will not be a permissible problem to pray on mats made of bulrushes and dates, hair blankets, cotton cloths and every item that is permissible to wear during prayers.
The blood of dead animals and the flesh of swine are forbidden to every Muslim. It is not permissible to pray over the skin, hair, bones, stomach, fat of a dead animal, basically every small thing that is not halal in any way. They will not stand up to processing or machine cleaning. Do not pray over the skin of a wild animal or anything made of skin.
After slaughtering a halal and sacred animal, after washing all its furs and skins, one can wear them and then pray. It is not
permissible to pray over hair cut from the human body .

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