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Description of doubt about any prayer

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Description of doubt about any prayer

Description of doubts about any aspect of prayer: If you have doubts about ruku while praying, then bow. And later will give Sahu in two prostrations. If there is any doubt about the first rak'ah or if there is any doubt about the second rak'ah if he recites Tashahhud while sitting, the prayer will be complete. But if he later believes that he has recited only one rak'at, he should stand and complete the second rak'at. And if he does not sit for Tashahhud, then he will act on what he believes. At the beginning of all these two Sijda Sahu should be offered. And if there is any doubt about whether he has prayed two rak'ats or three rak'ats, he should act on the one he believes in between these two methods and complete the remaining rak'ats. And if there is a doubt whether three rak'ats have been performed or four rak'ats in such a situation, after returning the salam, two rak'ats should be recited sitting down. If he prays three rak'ahs, then these two rak'ahs which he has sat down will be included in a lost prayer, and if he has prayed four rak'ahs, then these two rak'ahs will be included in the nafal.

If there is a doubt that he has recited two rak’ats or four rak’ats, then after returning the salam, he should recite 2 rak’ats only with Surah Fatiha. In fact, if he has prayed four rakats, then these two rakats will be included in Nafal. And if he has actually prayed 2 rak’ats, then the next 2 rak’ats will complete the prayer. In all these situations, after returning the salam, Sahu will perform two prostrations. After Sijda Sahu, the small Tashahhud will be recited and Salam returned.
If there is any doubt about a matter of prayer after the task has not been performed, complete the prayer.
For example, if there is doubt about Tahreema in Takbeer after Ruku, or doubt about Ruku after Sajdah, or doubt about Sijdah after standing in the second Rak’ah, or doubt about any act after Tashahhud and Salam of Namaz, it will complete your Namaz. For this reason, it is not wajib to pray a second time. All these matters are subject to doubt. But if one is convinced by the words of the cowrie that one has made a mistake then the prayer will be offered again.
If there is a doubt during the prayer that the reasons for breaking ablution have become a reason for it, then the prayer will continue until it is believed.

If a person has the disease of doubt and only doubts during the prayer, then he should not stop the prayer or continue to pray .

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