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Introduction to Madrasat Taqwa Al Islamia

All praise be to Almighty Allah. May peace be upon the leader of all prophets, Hazrat Muhammad (PBUH), his family members and his beloved Companions. It is well known that Bangladesh is the second largest Muslim country in the world in terms of population in South Asia after Indonesia. 90% of the fifteen crore people living in this country are Muslims.

But unfortunately, the rate of educated people is the lowest and in numbers it is 50% most of the population lives below extreme poverty line. The total area of ​​this country is one hundred forty seven thousand square kilometers.

Peace is the constant need of every human being in the world. Irrespective of caste, religion, caste and tribe, everyone wishes for peace. Therefore, behind all human activities, education-initiation, thought-fic and knowledge-research, peace is the main goal. Although people have done so much for peace, the desired peace is nowhere to be found. So people today are disoriented in search of peace. There is a cry for peace everywhere. At present there has been no improvement in all the useful things of man and in the way of obtaining this basic need of the human mind there has been no improvement.

Why is there no improvement in such a basic field of people? Where is the problem here? In the context of identifying the fundamental causes of this problem and finding realistic solutions to those causes, cognitive efforts, practical steps are our attempt to be ideal in this ideal.

Some information about our institution:   Apart from online we also have madrasahs directly offline.

Where directly children acquire great knowledge of Quran and Hadith from experienced teachers from resident and non-resident.

In addition to Najera and Hefz departments, Bengali and English education is provided in our institution.

Mission of our organization: Our mission is a small effort to produce skilled scholars and spread the message of Allah Ta’ala everywhere.

Why to make children Alem and Hafez: “An Alem will recommend for forty people and a Hafez for ten”.

In the same way, describing the virtues of Hafez in the Qur’an, the Messenger of Allah said: “He who recites the Qur’an in such a way that he is a Hafiz of the Qur’an is an honorable scribe.”

like an angel And whoever recites the Qur’an repeatedly despite the hardships, he will have a double reward.-Sahih Bukhari 4937; Sahih Muslim

Piety is a watchman

What is the reason for naming Madrasatut Taqwa al-Islamiyyah Taqwa?

Taqwa is the constant awareness in people’s hearts that Allah Ta’ala is watching me. The importance of piety in human life is immense.

Allah Ta’ala says, If you fear Allah (by adopting taqwa), then He will give you the ability and strength to distinguish between good and evil, and will forgive your sins, for Allah is Most Merciful. (Surah-Anfal-29)

Taqwa is the main object of worship

Allah Almighty says, O mankind, I have created you from one male and one female and divided you into different nations and tribes, so that you may know each other. Verily, in the sight of Allah, the most noble is the one who possesses the most piety. Surely Allah is All-Knowing, Aware of all things. [Al Quran 49:13].

Taqwa is the main source of all goodness as declared by Allah.

In another verse, Allah Ta’ala said, which translates as, O you who believe! God fearing. Seek the way to attain His nearness and labor in His ways. So that as a result of these things you will be successful in this world and in the Hereafter. (Surah Ma’idah: 35)

Piety is a watchman

Allah Ta’ala has commanded piety first in that verse. The entire Quran is full of piety. From place to place the order of piety came. It is the custom of the Qur’an to enjoin piety before or after issuing an order or provision. Because piety is that thing, which compels people to strictly obey any order of Allah Ta’ala.

An example of piety:

Hazrat Umar (may Allah be pleased with him)

 During his caliphate, he patrolled Madinah Munawara at night to inquire about the people. One night he was patrolling after Tahajjud. Suddenly he noticed, the sound of conversation is heard from a room. In general, it is not permissible to listen to someone’s personal speech to get intruded. But there is permission in case of need for responsible person. So he was curious to hear the style of conversation. He stood by the wall of the room and heard an old woman saying to her daughter, Betty! Today camel milk is less. It will be difficult to live by selling so little milk. So mix some water with milk. The girl replied, mother! Amirul Muminin has forbidden to mix water with milk, the old woman said, is Amirul Muminin watching us? He may be sleeping at home. You can safely mix water.

Now the girl said, mother, Ameerul Mumineen is not here and he has no people. But Allah is there! He is watching! What will we answer to him? Omar (may Allah be pleased with him)

 He could hear everything from the other side of the wall. Hearing this, he came away and the next day he sent people to inquire about the house. Then he sent a message to the old woman that if you agree, I want to marry my son to your daughter. In this way, due to piety, the girl got the good fortune to become the bride of the son of Amirul Mu’minin. In this blessed house, the third son was born, Caliph Omar Ibn Abdul Aziz (Rah:).

 Who is called the fifth caliph Rashedin.

Our exemplary forefathers bequeathed piety in their letters, speeches and death. Umar ibn Abdul Aziz wrote to his son Abdullah, Then, I bequeath you to attain taqwa of Allah Ta’ala, Whom you must meet, you have no refuge except Him, He is the Lord of this world and the Hereafter.

The Prophet (PBUH) said,

The thing that takes people to Paradise the most is piety and good behavior. And the things that lead people to hell the most are the tongue and the private parts. (Tirmidhi)

Dear Muslim brothers and friends, if we look at a verse in the beginning of the holy book Al-Quran, we can understand the reason for naming Madrasatut Taqwa Al Islamia.

At the beginning of the Holy Qur’an, Allah Ta’ala has said,

That book is not for the righteous

Meaning: This is a book about which there is no doubt. The book is a guide for the muttaqis. In this verse, Allah has used the word Muttaki. Muttaki and Taqwa have the same source. Muttaki means one who fears Allah Ta’ala, and Taqwa means fear of Allah.

In that verse, Allah Ta’ala clearly says that this Holy Qur’an is a guidance for the believers.

So the aim of our institution Madrasatut Taqwa Al Islamia is to make the students real Muttaki and Taqwawala. So that the students of Madrasatut Taqwa can become muttaqi and follow the guidance or path described in the Qur’an and lead their lives in the right way and move towards the eternal paradise of the hereafter. O Allah, you open the doors of happiness, peace and success in both worlds by attaining complete piety to all the students, teachers, guardians and all the Muhibbins, Muta’allikin associated with this institution, including us.


Some pictures of our class time:

Identity of Muhtamim 

Hazrat Maulana Mufti Muhammad Ali  read from Kakrail Madrasa, the main center of Bangladesh Tabligh Jamaat to Jamaat Meshkat, in 2016 he completed Dawarae Hadith from Ummul Madaris Al Jamiatul Ahlia Mainul Islam Hathajari Chittagong Madrasa through the written advice of Amir Maulana Jubair Saheb Huzur of Bangladesh Tabligh Jamaat. Then he completed his studies in Ulumul Hadith from Dhaka Jatrabari Jamia Mahmudiya.

Sayings of Muhtamim Sayings of Muhtamim

نحمده ونصلی على رسوله الكريم امابعد

All praises are to Allah Rabbul Alamin who created us as the best creatures on earth and gave us the light of knowledge which Allah Rabbul Alamin has revealed to our beloved Habib Hazrat Muhammad Mustafa sallallahu alayhi wasallam. In the light of the dark, barbarous and stupid age, he revealed to the whole world the broad paths and methods of knowledge.

Allah Ta’ala said, “O Muhammad, read in the name of the great Lord who created you.”

The Messenger of Allah (peace and blessings of Allah be upon him) recited the holy words of the Prophet of Allah and taught the entire human race that enlightened knowledge. Therefore, when the foolish nation accepted the light of that knowledge and understood and followed the path and methods of knowledge, then the foolish nation became the best people in the world and the best wise.

This fountain of knowledge was first introduced in the history of the world through Islamic education. As a student, the Jamaat of Sahaba and as a teacher, the greatest great man of all clans, Hazrat Muhammad Mustafa, may Allah bless him and grant him peace, established a great ideal educational center of this world and the hereafter in the city of Madinah in the land of Makkah.

Janbaz Sahaba lit the torch of knowledge not only in Arab cities but also in Asia, Africa, America and all over the world.

Education is the backbone of the nation, this slogan is universally accepted

So I can say based on this slogan teachers and students are also the backbone of the nation. You will get thousands of lessons along the way, but actually Islam is the backbone of the nation to build a civilized and peaceful nation.

Today we see thousands of youths on the streets, our college kids, children and pedestrians who are involved in immoral activities such as drug use, promiscuous chats, anti-Islamic activities, mistreatment of parents, social and environmental pollution, despite having formal education. Staying

So we have decided with the aim of building Sujati, to give the society and the country an education that will truly guide people to the light. Peaceful in this world, wise-virtuous, hard-working and will make leaders and travelers to the eternal paradise of the hereafter.

We have decided to make our beloved students such qualified scholars based on Islamic education as well as worldly education such as Bangla, Mathematics, English, Society, Science, General Knowledge, etc.

Alhamdulillah, we have started this institution Madrasatut Taqwa Al Islamia in the heart of Rahanpur through the written prayers and opinions of eminent scholars of the country with the aim of conveying correct knowledge to all classes of people.

O Allah, accept this institution as an ideal educational center until the Day of Resurrection and accept all the students, parents and teachers of our institution as well as all the Muhibbin Muta’allikin associated with the institution as your beloved servants and grant us the grace to carry out this great work with sincerity. Ameen.

اخرداواناان الحمدلله رب العلامين


Maulana Muhammad Ali

Mohtamim, Madrasat Taqwa Al Islamiyyah

Think about what you have done in your whole life, what you could not do now you can do by making your child religious.

Whatever you earn in this world will not go with you but if you can leave pious children then you will get its reward in the Hereafter.

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