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Description of Imamate and Jamaat

Narration of Imamate and Jamaat: The Prophet (peace and blessings of Allah be upon him) said that the Imam of the people will be brought to the court of Allah Ta'ala. Therefore appoint someone better than you as Imam for your prayers. The enemy of the Ahl al-Bayt will not offer prayers without permission. If he is unable to pray behind the imam, he will not perform the intention of the imam but will pray alone. In short, bowing with the Imam's Ruku, Sajda with Sajda, Salam with Salam will return Salam. But he will perform the prayer himself, he will intend to perform it himself, he will do this because of the imam's different reciting, so that he will not be offended.

A person who prays behind the imam will say the takbeer along with the imam’s takbeer. Whether the imam recites the kerat aloud or slowly, the musalli remains silent. When the Imam says سمع الله لمن حمده then the Musulli will say ربنا لك الحمد. In the full prayer, you should say the takbeer with the imam’s takbeer in a low voice, not in a loud voice. If the imam remembers after praying that he was impure, then he and all the worshipers must offer the prayer a second time.

If the namaz is offered alone then the kerat should be lengthened but if it is offered in congregation then the namaz should not be extended because there are weak and weak people in the congregation and care should be taken so that they do not suffer. If there is one person with the Imam, he should be taken to the right side and pray with the congregation, and if there are two or more people, the Imam should stand in front and make the others stand behind.

If the worshipers want to pray with the congregation behind the imam in any other place than the mosque, there is no problem, they can pray. If the imam stops while reciting the kerat and cannot recite it in front, he can recite it from behind. But if it is read wrongly, another surah is read in place of one surah, another verse is read in place of one verse, one of the verses is left out, in such a situation the imam sahib does not stop reciting the Qur’an, but no one will stop him from behind. That is why there will be scholars, hafez and understanding Muslims behind the imam so that they can correct if the imam’s Quran is wrong.

It is Sunnah to pray in congregation, it is better to pray in congregation than to pray alone. The reward of praying in congregation is 24 times more than praying alone. The best place for a man to pray in congregation is the first row and the best place between the first row is the right side of the imam, the closer he sits to the imam. Fill the queues and stand side by side and keep a distance of one person between every 2 queues. So that the Muslim can easily prostrate. Musalli will stand shoulder to shoulder so as not to go back and forth.

If there is an empty space in the queue, it will be filled. If someone feels cramped in the front row and there is less space, they will walk backwards and move back. And if the front row is empty, then the position will move forward with it while praying. Fill in the blanks. Never pray alone in the back row. If there is no place in the front row, in such a case, stand behind the imam wherever it is. If a person enters the mosque to pray in congregation and there is no empty space in the row, he should stand by the imam’s side without causing any disorder in the row. If women want to pray with men, they will stand in the last row, not in front of men, or even next to men. In such a situation, a screen or wall will be provided between men and women .


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