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I am Mohammad Ali. I have more than 14 years’ experience on Islam, History and a researcher. Hafiz of Quran Pak, have deep knowledge about Islam and a researcher. Now I am a senior teacher in a reputed Islamic School and Khatib of “Al-Masjid al-Jami” Bangladesh. .
I am a professional SEO Islamic content writer, article writer and blog writer for any kind of industry and websites with proper reference of Quran and hadith, research, Islamic history, fatwa, translation to English, translation to Arabic and translation to Bengali and professional Book formatter and online publisher.
I have written more than 7500 pages, formatted more than 50 books and more than 20 books are on amazon, translated and proofread more than 1000k words, including 5 books.
The main purpose of my work is to present the true message of Islam to everyone. As Muslims, we need to show people whether our every step is according to Shariah or not and contribute to the Islamic economy. As a Hafiz of the holy Quran and an Alim, I can teach you Quran recitation, hadith, jurisprudence, Seerah, Islamic studies, and Islamic finance. I can guide you to the Islamic lifestyle. At present I am a managing director of an Islamic school “Madrasatut Taqwa Al Islamia Bangladesh”.
I will be your Islamic consultant or guide for you to identify or judge halal food, managing nonprofit projects, starting a new Shariah-compliant business, Islamic finance models, products, and supervision of your Islamic business. I can help you get a Shariah-compliant certificate for your business.

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